The Elizabethtown Hat

Hi there! How is your week going? Winter arrived last night & there’s still snow falling as I drink my coffee and type this! Perfect beanie weather! Today, I thought I’d give you a look at how Claire’s Red Hat came about and the little story behind the most popular beanie in the shop!

Some of the items in my shop are created because I simply love a color combination or type of yarn, but most of them are inspired by something else. My inspiration for Claire’s Red Hat came from my favorite movie, Elizabethtown.



A red hat, worn by Claire, stands out in the film and serves as a lovely symbol of hope in the end. I wanted to create something a little unique, so I used a darker red, my own pattern & crochet rather than knit. The last two I created sold, before they could even be listed! I was excited to sell one to a lovely girl named Claire who also loves the movie!


Some music needs air. Roll down your window.
~ Claire



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