Autumn Collection

Have you checked out Anchor In Time’s Autumn Lookbook yet?  |

Here’s a look behind the scenes at creating the fall fashions this year and a peek
at the work that went into compiling this season’s lookbook.


I’m pretty sure I confuse the cashier every time I stock up on yarn in the middle of
a blazing hot summer day. Which doubles in awkwardness when it’s a guy cashier,
probably guessing how many cats I have at home and if I’ll be watching Jeopardy
while I knit in a rocking chair. (None of which is true, in case you are doing the same.)

All the items in my shop are my own designs/patterns so this requires plenty of test
runs and failures before a new style makes it into the shop. The Cozy Cove Beanies
and Wanderlust Headbands are the latest creations that made it through for autumn.
Many hours of crocheting go into a new collection. Usually while binging out on
t.v shows and drinking too much iced tea. The autumn collection saw many episodes
of Big Brother and Scandal.



To start the lookbook design I create a Pinterest mood board and decide on the
overall aesthetic I want to go with. From there I pick fonts, graphics, layouts
and colors. I throw all my ideas into a sketchbook, before putting everything
together with a couple software progams.

Being a professional photographer, this is my favorite part, so there will be
another post with a look behind the scenes at the photo adventures.
Check back soon!


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