Who Is The Anchor In Time Shopper?

Growing up in beautiful California, I have a love for the outdoors and know that requires cozy and classic accessories for everything from a cool morning on the beach to windy mountain hikes in the summertime. Ever since I began crocheting, I was more interested in making my own patterns, rather than something that already existed, I wanted to create new things. I originally learned to crochet from my mother and have now been crocheting for longer than I can remember. Accessories I dreamed up and custom requested pieces have challenged me and given me the skills to continue offering original styles to my shoppers.


Each time I design and create a new item I have my favorite shoppers in mind. I focus on making items that will stay classic, provide coziness and encourage adventure. Anchor In Time shoppers are those that seek out handcrafted quality pieces to add a classic accessory staple to their closet or a unique nautical piece to their home.  I love creating for my shoppers, because like me they…

  • Value the quality of handmade.
  • Have a love for seeking adventure outdoors.
  • Enjoy the coziness of a blanket, book & cup of coffee on a rainy day.

Creating the lovely pieces you see in Anchor In Time is just a small reason why I love running my own shop. The real reward is sending off lovingly created pieces to happy customers. I absolutely love getting happy reviews and thank you notes from wonderful people!


Can’t wait to open up the mailbox and find your own cozy item made with love?  Become an Anchor In Time shopper > anchorintime.etsy.com

I hope this blog offers you a glimpse at the heart of running a small handmade business and inspires you to seek adventure in your own life!

Stay Cozy!

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